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Here you can browse all the Calgary Bungalows available on the Calgary MLS® System in one place. No need to search through countless listings that don't interest you. There are hundreds of bungalow style homes currently listed so this search is organized by location and price range. Once you have clicked one of the following buttons you can further narrow the search by area and other important criteria.

Benefits of a Calgary Bungalow

The ever-popular bungalow design adds character and simplicity to homes. Known for their signature overhanging rooms and wrap around verandas, bungalows have grown in the hearts of Calgary residents.

Home owners appreciate their classical design and comforting feel. They are typically 1 or 1 and a half stories with long and low profiles. From the outside, a bungalow looks picturesque with columns and a detached garage. Some contain a fireplace as the main focus on the centre floor.

Many Calgary bungalows in the north west and south west quadrants offer a view of the Rocky Mountains, transporting residents away from the busy city life. The natural elements of these well-known homes, are ideal for those seeking to connect with nature. Mature bungalows are versatile, they are perfect for first time home buyers, or empty-nesters. Calgary bungalows are increasingly popular options for downsizing seniors who prefer not to have to constantly navigate up and down stairs.

For the contemporary families, modern bungalows are also available. They break the traditional layout with luxury and elegance. Ranging from two to six bedrooms and one to three garage bays, these homes radiate superiority and style.