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Benefits of a Calgary Walkout Home

From entertaining guests at a BBQ, to keeping up with your gardening activities, basement walkouts provide home owners with easy access to the outside world. They provide a smoother transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces, while also showering lower level rooms with natural lighting. This banishes the dark, and cellar-like reputation of basements.

Houses on a slope or hill create an excellent setting for walkout basements, as the topography supports such a design. The foundation is set partially above and below the ground. This gives the illusion that the home is on one level; however, the basement slopes up and extends to the outside. Home builders have stated walkouts help equip dry basements with great water drainage, so houses with basement walkouts have an added value. Because of its hilly topology, North West Calgary in particular has a wide selection of walkout-style homes to choose from.

Terrace and bedroom walkouts also make the most effective use of space while providing ample lighting to your room. There's nothing quite like sitting on the terrace with a cup of coffee and newspaper in the morning! In addition to being an energy saver, walkouts add luxury, a modern flare and comforting feeling to your home.